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4 Principles of D.C. Story Circle Project


Our stories emanate from our lived experience.  You don't have to be a practiced storyteller to share that experience with your neighbors.


In today's environment when we mostly show up virtually, putting in the effort to show up in person is a real demonstration of respect for one another.


Listening to others' stories builds empathy and connection with one another.


Shared storytelling helps communities better know each other, better visualize common concerns, and articulate aspirations of who we want to become.

My name is Ashley Quarcoo and I have lived in Ward 6 of D.C. for the past 10 years.  I started D.C. Story Circle Project as a mechanism to to better know my neighbors and to learn from the rich stories and histories of the communities that were here long before I came. 


D.C. Story Circle Project facilitates community-building through the experience of sharing stories with others.  We convene story circles in different communities across the District of Columbia to explore personal experiences across different topics and themes.  Our goal is to foster more connections across diverse groups within our communities and build a resilient foundation of trust and mutual understanding.  We hope story circles can help us forge stronger connections and help us better understand the variety of experiences and perspectives in our own community here in the District of Columbia.  


D.C. Story Circle Project also aims to capture and collect the stories that are shared for use in oral history archives, for a District of Columbia community story publication, and potentially for an original play.

Story circle themes have included: Community Life and Culture, Community Spaces and Landscapes, and Navigating Demographic Change.  We try to source story circle themes from the community.  If you have an idea for a story circle theme in your ward, please send us your ideas!




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