D.C. Story Circle Project

Sharing stories about communities in community

The purpose of D.C. Story Circle Project is to facilitate community-building through the experience of sharing stories with others.  Story circles bring community members together to share personal experiences of living in their neighborhood, and in turn reveal the character of life, culture, and development of different neighborhoods across Washington D.C. 

How can I participate?

Everyone can tell a story! Registration is now open for our next story circle on April 6 in Deanwood on the theme growing, cooking, eating, and serving food in the greater Deanwood area.   




We are always looking for new themes for story circles!  If you'd like to give us ideas for story circle topics in your neighborhood, please complete our survey!

What is a story circle?

Story circles are a method of gathering people in groups to tell and listen to true, personal stories.  Based on the methodology of Roadside Theater, story circles consist of a group of five to fifteen people and a facilitator.  Stories are told on a particular theme, involve characters, and have a beginning, middle, and end.  Story circles conclude with time for the group to reflect collectively on what they have heard.  In addition to personal storytelling, story circles can serve as a powerful tool for surfacing collective memory and experience, as well as surfacing concerns within communities.

What are people saying?

“This was great. It was obvious that we bonded and I will take part in additional circles. Thank you!"

Ward 6 Story Circle participant

"It was very nice and affirming. I hope to do it again."

Ward 6 Story Circle participant

"Loved it!  Learned so much from others."

Ward 7 Story Circle participant

"Each one of our stories is a gift to those who are listening, with the quality of the listening a gift in return to the storyteller."

- Roadside Theater

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